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Do you know Jesus?

  • God: twin facts

                     1) He is holy- 1 John 1:5-6

                     2) He is the loving creator-1 John 4:10 ; Romans 5:8

  • People: twin tragedies

                     1) we have rebelled-sin separates us from God- Romans 3:23

                     2) we have broken God's laws- sin causes eternal death- Romans 6:23

  • Jesus Christ: twin promises

                     1) He reconciled people to their creator by His death- 1 Peter 3:18

                     2) He sent a helper to help us be more like Him- John 14:26-27

  • Required response- Romans 10:8-10

                     1) Repent - Tell God your sorry for your disobedience.

                     2) Believe - Jesus paid the sin debt you owe and rose from the dead.

                     3) Receive - Let God have control of your life.


Have you made Him the Lord of your life? To receive Christ as Lord and Savior of your life, say the following prayer with sincerity in your heart:


Heavenly Father, I believe your Word that Jesus died for me and shed His blood for my sins. I believe that Jesus was raised from the dead and I accept Him as my Savior. Jesus, come into my heart. Lord, I believe You are now in my heart and You are there to stay. Thank you, Lord.


If you said this prayer and meant it in your heart, Christ has come into your life. We at Good News Ministries rejoice with you! We encourage you to share the good news of your salvation with someone and find a bible teaching church where you can continue to grow spiritually and live to glorify God.